Sustainable & Recyclable Goods
Our zinc casted products are sustainable & recyclable.

About the Store

Swadeshi Button Store is the parent company started trading in buttons in year 1939. It was started by Late Shri Sudhir Kumar Paul & the shop was at the same place where it is now in Sadar Bazar. Buttons in those times were made from the shell of Mother of Pearl and those used to come from Dhaka (now the capital of Bangladesh)
So, as the time went by the trading of buttons got changed from Shell to Urea buttons to Jamnagar buttons to Polyester Resin Buttons and finally to manufacturing of Zinc Die Casting in year 2008.
It is now their 3rd generation that are taking care of this business of trading & manufacturing of Zinc Die Casted trims under the name of Mina Trims, situated in Bawana Industrial Area.
In zinc die casting we have all related things in house right from designing to mould making till the finishing of the product and dispatching.


To make a good product with motto of Make in India for Indian people and customer support and satisfaction as overall goal


To provide good Made in India product for quality conscious clients.


All our die casted goods are Lead, Nickle, cadmium, ferrous and phthalates free as per international guidelines and parameters

Important Note

We can give you recycled zinc casted meta accessories as per RCS (Recycled Claim System) certification no. CU1293339RCS-2024-00011167