Design Ring Black Nickle 19MM

Design Ring Black Nickle 19MM

Size: Ask for existing size or Customize

Color: Antique Brass/Copper/Sliver/and More

Material: Regular Thickness Available

  1. Lead and Nickle Free Goods Available on Request
  2. Extra Thickness Sheet Available On Request
  3. Back Part Available in Fixed and Rotating Mould in SS
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Development Cost: Applicable on new name development.

Sampling Time: 9 to 12 Days for New Punch & 7 to 10 Days for existing Punch in any Color (on a chargeable basis)

Production Time:  14 to 16 Days from the day of confirmation.

MOQ: 10,000 Pics for the Jeans Button and 40,000 Pics for the Rivits

Transportation Cost: Applicable

Taxes: GST 18% Applicable.